Омбудсманът Мая Манолова на младежки форум: Образование, обучение и работа са пътят към успеха

„Между 170 000 и 350 000 млади хора у нас не правят нищо – не учат, не работят, не се обучават и по този показател сме в челните места на ЕС. Това носи загуби на България средно годишно около 2 млрд. лв.“ Това каза омбудсманът Мая Манолова на заключителната конференция „Структурен диалог за образователната система, допълнителна квалификация и предп

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Respectable sir,

Today I received the answer of my application from you.
Sir I am very much grateful to you that you have tried to help me.i have write every ministry and to president and to prime minister but only you have paid attention to my and my wife problem. Really from the depth of my heart i thank you.

Sir I and my wife we both are struggling to finish this punishment that we both did not deserve. We both have tried always to live within law and within the boundaries of a nice society. From 10 years we both are trying to find a way to live a happy and normal married life and within this period you are the only one who have paid attention to us. It means there is still hope in Bulgaria.
Sir I and my wife we both  love each other very much and for this reason we are struggling  and we do not know that how long we have to struggle but we shall struggle till the end of our lives. Only the matter is that we both do not know how to solve this problem and where to go.
Sir, again I thank you from the very depth of my heart.
Best regards,